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Alcohol & Gambling Policies

It is our desire to provide diverse entertainment options for our members and guests. This includes gaming facilities and alcohol. The Devonport RSL has introduced Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Gaming policies to help fulfill our duty of care to our patrons and staff to ensure their safety and security.

Guidelines for
Responsible Service of Alcohol

  • No liquor to be served or sold to persons under the age of 18 years. We do ask for ID -  "No Proof, No Purchase"

  • No liquor promotions that encourage binge drinking, intoxication or are discriminatory or likely to appeal to minors.

  • Providing food for sale. There are snacks available from behind the bar and the Bistro.

  • Patron behaviour must not adversely impact on other patrons or our neighbours.

  • No admission of intoxicated persons.

  • Refusal of liquor service to intoxicated, argumentative or violent patrons. These patrons will also be asked to leave the Club.

  • It is an offence to refuse to leave Licensed premises when asked to by the Licensee or their employees.

Guidelines for Responsible Provision of Gaming Activities

  • All our staff have undertaken Responsible Gaming training.

  • All of our staff have a gaming licence.

  • No person under 18 years of age is permitted to play gaming machines or participate in TOTE or TasKeno gambling.

  • No Credit will be extended to any patron of the Club.

  • Only one EFTPOS withdrawal per patron per day to be used for gambling.

  • Cheques will not be cashed for use in gambling.

  • All our gaming areas are monitored 24/7 by CCTV.

  • No player of a gaming machine may be offered free or discount alcohol as an enticement to engage in gaming activities.

  • Patrons may at their own request be excluded from taking part in gaming activities within the club; this is referred to as 'Self-Exclusion'.

  • No Marketing or Advertising for the Club may falsely mislead the public that:

  • Winning is a likely outcome of gaming.

  • It will improve a person's social or financial status.

  • Suggest that a player's skill can influence the outcome of a game, which is purely a game of chance.

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