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The Jack Mason Memorial Museum

The Jack Mason Memorial Museum holds a collection of war memorabilia donated by local members or family members of war veterans from the Devonport and North-West district of the state.


The collection contains items from the Boer War to those associated with present-day conflicts. 

The museum, established in May 1995, is dedicated to a life member of the Devonport RSL. The collection provides veterans and visitors with information about the military involvement of members of the local community. As well, it is a tribute to those local Tasmanian's and other Australians who served in a theatre of war. 

Many items of state significance are included, such as a Boer War uniform, British West India Regiment officer’s tent, letters from the Western Front and photographs of local community members who served the nation.


There is a wide variety of medals, militaria and books associated with major conflicts in the twentieth century.

The "Jack Mason Memorial Museum" was opened by Colonel G.K. Howard ADC on the 13th May 1995, and re-opened on the 22nd October 2008 by Norma Jamieson MLC.

You can find the Museum on the lower level of the Devonport RSL.


The Museum is open to the public and group viewings by request.


Please phone (03) 6424 2673 to make an appointment.

"One of the best RSL Museums in Australia"

~ Kim Morris, Arts and Archival Pty Ltd

The Jack Mason Memorial Museum is proudly supported by:


Head into the RSL to have a look at the mural on the fold away doors.

A work of art organized by the President Brendan Emery


James Wright Saddle display

animal remembrance day.jpg

Some of our wonderful volunteers. If you would like to volunteer some time to the museum please get in contact with the RSL, give as little or as much time as you would like.

Check us out  on Facebook 'The trenches- Jack mason memorial museum'

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